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The Five Second Rule, Germs, and Your Baby

Are you ready for the real scoop about the five second rule? Here you go: germs attach immediately to food or pacifiers dropped on the floor. They don’t have to wait five seconds to do anything. Hence, the old five second rule is a complete farce!

Germs are very sticky creatures. The moment your food or your baby’s pacifier touches the floor (or anything else), the germs stick, according to research done by P. Dawson as reported in the Journal of Applied Microbiology.

Dawson further found that significantly more bacteria are transferred to food or pacifiers that are dropped on wood and tile floors than on carpet floors.

Obviously, germs aren’t things that exist only on the floor. Germs are everywhere. If you took the tip of your average pencil and looked at it through an electron microscope, you would see a virtual zoo of germs. Theses germs include bacteria, viruses, and fungi — as well as microscopic animals such as dust mites. Gross!

How Germs Get into the Body

Germs live everywhere: in your pillow, on your finger, in your hair, and in your stomach. It’s comforting to remember that most of these germs are rather harmless. Additionally, the ones that are dangerous have to get past your skin to do any damage. That’s why cuts should be treated to minimize infection, and why surgery is always done in a sterile environment.

Aside from an open wound, the next quickest way germs can get in your body is through your mouth. That’s why it is never a good idea to eat food that’s been dropped on the floor, no matter how long it has been sitting there. It’s also never a good idea to pick up a pacifier that your baby has spit out onto the floor without first thoroughly sanitizing it – even if happened in your own home (and was there for less than five seconds)! As soon as food or pacifiers touch the floor, millions of disgusting bacteria are immediately transferred. Picking up the food or pacifier in less than five seconds doesn’t help at all!

“Throwing Out” the Five Second Rule

With that said, the obvious answer when food hits the floor is to throw it out. However when a pacifier hits the floor, properly sanitizing it every time is a huge pain. If you’re like every other parent, a pacifier landing on the ground is a routine event, and you need to sanitize it many times per day! So how can this be avoided?

Enter the Binki Band from Sister Chic. Binki Bands are essential in keeping pacifiers off of the floor or ground, and free of germs. They are popular with parents because of their snug clip, their universal attachment, and an assortment of available stylish fabrics.

Bikini Bands are compatible with all pacifiers including Mam, Soothie, and Avent — to name a few. Binki Bands put an end to the pick-up game, and make the five second rule officially irrelevant (at least where it concerns your baby’s pacifier!).

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