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toddler in stroller with SIster Chic Dropper Stopper

Dropper Stopper

With its patented design, the Dropper Stopper prevents dropped baby items from ever hitting the dirty floor! Made of a flexible material, one end wraps around strollers, highchairs and baby carriers while the opposite end secures sippy cups, bottles, toys and more! Dropper Stopper is a must have for moms on the go! The special grip material provides a nice snug hold, and with a variety of snaps, the length can be easily modified. Made with designer fabric, this accessory is vibrant and holds up great in the wash. Winner of the Moms Best Award, parents, love that you can simply wrap it, snap it and say goodbye to the pickup game!

mom and baby using Sister Chic Tushy Tote

Tushy Tote

Our washable, wipe-able Tushy Tote holds everything mom needs for errand running or stroller walks without the hassle of a heavy diaper bag. The large inside pocket provides room for a cell phone or keys, and the wristlet allows mom to secure it to her wrist or stroller for hands-free errand running! Our totes were designed with an expandable bottom allowing at least 2-3 diapers and a pack of wipes to fit inside. The silky liner makes it easy to slide contents in and out. It’s everything mom needs for diaper duty, in one stylish tote!

Sister Chic Binki Band close up

Binki Band

Our Binki Bands are essential to keeping pacifiers off of the floor and free of germs. They are extremely popular because of their snug clip and universal attachment. Our Binki Bands are compatible with all pacifiers including Mam, Soothie, and Avent — to name a few. Much like the Dropper Stopper, Binki Bands put an end to the pickup game!