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5 Turkey-riffic Ways to Include Your Little One this Holiday

‘Tis the season to be thankful: for your family, for the food, and for any extra hands in the kitchen! We know that preparing a Thanksgiving meal is a big task, especially with kids around, but here are some fun ways to let them in on the fun!

1. Hand turkeys turkey hand drawing craft

This is the ultimate versatile craft for the Thanksgiving holiday. Ask your child to make hand turkey nameplates, or even hand turkey worksheets so everyone can list five things they are thankful for. The possibilities are endless—who knows, your little one might even have a unique idea for the craft! (Photo by Oipom on Flickr)

2. Food Prepfood prep

There are always fruits and veggies to be washed, potatoes to be mashed, and rolls to be placed on the baking sheet. These simple tasks can help your child feel important to the meal’s success. (Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash)

3. Baking

Whether you’re baking cookies or mixing pie filling, let your child have a turn! They’ll feel like Betty Crocker. Just make sure you keep an eye on their technique—cherry pie filling gets sticky quick!

4. Setting the Tabletable setting

Depending on how old your child is, they might need some help with this task. Start with silverware and napkins for the younger ones and let them work their way up to placing the gravy boat. (photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash)

5. Greeting guests

Your little one might not be an experienced host, but they can certainly gain experience by offering to take the coats and purses of any guests. They can also show guests to the important rooms and make them feel welcome.

These are just a few ways to include them on Turkey Day—ask them how they’d like to help, and they just might surprise you with their capabilities! Have a safe, wonderful holiday.